How does it work?

The big picture!


Your new website is all about you and this is why it is important that not only you feel in control during the design process but also that you remain in control.


    • Buying your own domain name (i.e. will ensure its ownership: it will be your property and it will remain as such as long as you keep it “live”. Domain names can be purchased for as little as around £5 per year, are renewable and we can help you with the process free of charge. So whatever happens, the domain name will be yours to keep and its management will remain your responsibility.


    • Working with templates will reduce the overall cost of the design by at least 50%: that will allow you to dedicate a bigger part of your budget to something else and it will also considerably speed up the delivery process. Not everyone has a need for the same functions and features, for instance your local plumber’s requirements and design style will be different from your local accountancy firm or nursery. (We will select a range of relevant templates for you to choose from, please note that the price of the template will be included in Web Starters and Web Growers packages)


    • Here is how the rest of the process works, just follow these 3 easy steps:


          1. You get in touch with us to book your free consultation session to help you decide which package would suit you best.
          2. We then contact you to discuss the way forward, agree on a time scale and a list of jobs to be undertaken as well as on the terms of payment and finalise the proposal.
          3. We make sure that you are happy with the demo site and organise your tutorial session(s), once the site is live we make the last adjustments and integrate the social media, a month after the launch we contact you for a follow-up and a feedback.