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About Jocelyne


My name is Jocelyne Barbier. I am French and have been living in the UK for the last 30 years. I started as a freelance language trainer and course designer, after which I worked for Eurostar managing the language department (from course monitoring to recruitment test for Business and safety Critical members of staff).

After 11 wonderful years , I felt it was time to seek new ventures and I started as a self-employed language recruitment test designer in 2011, then two important things happened: the recession with its massive business drop in the recruitment industry across the country, and, the fact I was finding myself helping people out increasingly more often for their website issues.


Finally came the realisation that I wanted to have more control on the management of my own website as only the developer could work on it to make any kind of modifications. I felt really down because I was under the impression I had lost my independence and to rebuild my own website would prove impossible. At the same time small business owners around me were complaining that dealing with web developers was a scary prospective: too technical and too costly with often an after taste of “money for old rope”.

This is how I got the idea of making websites more accessible by combining design and tutorials, allowing the website owner to remain in charge!