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Successful websites!


Here is a sample of our designs altogether with the customer’s main requirements and a screenshot image of the homepage; links are provided so you can feel free to browse these website for a more in-depth experience.


Recent projects:




Aldenham Art Festival


A returning client, currently busy organising an Art Festival at Aldenham church for a group of local artists, wanted a simple website for advertisement purpose


As a local sponsor was involved, we had to integrate everyone’s requirements without frustrating any party. The homepage picture is a shot from some real brush work, and all the colours used inside the website are taken from that main picture. We were also aware that some of the potential end users for that website would belong to an older generation so the one page scroll down proved successful, so much so that the attendance & sales went far beyond expectations…they are now holding their second event.BOOTSTRAP





From the horse’s mouth “My name is Bob Parsons. I am an experienced antique prints collector, with a passion for rescuing hidden gems and presenting them in all their glory for display in homes, offices and commercial buildings”.Nothing to add Bob says it all!


The real challenge was to upload hundreds of pictures in a consistent and browsable manner, it had to be attractive for the end user and provide enough information to entice people to click on it for a better picture and a full description. We provided Bob with a coding frame work that would enable him to upload more pictures on his own with descriptions in order for all the art work to look neat…and it works like a treat!JOOMLA

Older and on-going projects:




Your  Catalyst


Dany Dubard recently started her Achievement Coaching business and wanted a website that would reflect her motto “Achieving Made Simple”: it had to be more than a platform for a slogan, it had to be elating: a simple logo, a website with pure lines containing a clear and concise content inside each page enticing the visitor to contact Dany.


After getting the domain name for her business Dany opted for a template that would require some tailor-made design to its lay-out; the pricing was equivalent to a start-up package and she supplied us with the page content and her chosen pictures. After the launch, we completed the social media integration and she is now getting many visitors thanks to her inspiring blogs as well as new customers via her Facebook page.WORDPRESS



Savoir Faire


Shirley Boyden has been running her image consultancy in Surrey very successfully for many years, offering total style solutions for women over forty; she wished to revamp her current website. After deciding on a suitable template, it was important to run her theme through to give it an overall sleek and consistent effect from header to footer. The elegance, simplicity and modernity of the black/grey and red colours ensure the perfect flow for its visitors. We also tweaked her previous logo to obtain that blending effect, matching the other features on a new design.

Pages and their content benefited from the use of Shirley’s own professional pictures with the addition of some photos and illustrations purchased for the slider effect. She also edited the content of the pages to give it clarity and ease of reading. Soon, Shirley‘s visitors will be able to enjoy watching her tutorial videos on fashion and beauty.WORDPRESS



Ken Haslar


Ken Haslar is a talented and prolific painter from Hertfordshire: after dedicating his life helping others he looked at retirement being a new opportunity to resume with his first love: painting! His brief was for us to re-design a website based on a free template which would encompass all his requirements and need to display his pictures, photos, illustrations beautifully. His site had to be able to contain hundreds of images in a portfolio and upload fast in order to provide an easy navigation for its visitors. Being an independent user was also key to him so he could edit his site at a pace that would suit him.


After the built of the website and its new logo simply based on his signature, it was a matter of training Ken on how to edit his own pages, how to re-size images and uploading them, how to create new galleries and uploading them properly, the result is stunning!WORDPRESS





Anton Group


Anton Group is a leading supplier of quality hand held instrumentation to the HVAC market since 1986. Their portfolio of products include flue gas analysers, power flushing units, CO2 meters, personal CO detectors, gas leak detectors, pressure meters, thermometers, digital multimeters, accessories and a range of products for the oil heating engineers.


The website was entirely designed from scratch to meet the requirement of that high tech industry;bright colours were the compromise there, the owners of Anton Group didn’t want to part with the bright orange theme as they strongly believe it is a big part of their corporate identity. The site includes the display of partners logos as well as official standards labels, specifically designed pricing tables and demonstration requests have been included as well as links for ordering brochures and many more features.HTML CSS





This Fishing Charity aims at running fishing events, both coarse and fly, at various fisheries and inviting participants from special needs schools, centres and people who have suffered trauma to come and join in. The events happen over a half-day for the participants and are enjoyed by many as the visitors can see browsing through their website.


Entirely designed out of a blank canvas, the challenge was to allow key members of the organisation to create venues, schedule events and assign people to them. In order to do this we needed to write an application so any new entry to the database would dynamically change the website.BOOTSTRAP